Boy drops DS in gorilla cage, inadvertently creates the best photo op ever

So this little boy was just walking around the San Francisco zoo, doing what every boy who is dragged to the zoo tends to do - play video games - when he accidentally dropped his DSi XL into the gorilla habitat. And wouldn’t you know it, a professional photographer happened to be right there.

Still photos and video capture a large gorilla that found the DSi, picked it up and started trying to figure out how the darn thing worked. At one point a smaller gorilla came up to take a look, just like the jealous kids on the elementary school playground.

After reportedly being unable to figure out the confusing friend code system, the gorilla knocked it around and eventually lost interest.

The boy got his system back when a trainer lured the gorilla with an apple and was able to snatch the device out of the gorilla’s hands. (It then grabbed a princess and jumped up a tower of ladders and construction beams before throwing down barrels of oil.)

Although the DSi was pretty beaten up, the rigorous inspection didn’t stop it from working. It turned right back on and the boy was able to continue his game.

(via lickystickypickyshe)